Movin' On Up!

To the east side, to a deeluxe apartment in the skyhighhigh!

Or, just a new blog home.

I haven't really touched LJ in the last month, and I think it's time to just head on. If you want to be all social networking with me, you can keep in touch with me on the twitters and the facebooks.

I'm not deleting the journal, and I'll check my friends list occasionally, but for the most part I will be elsewhere.

The shawntionary blog has an RSS feed you can follow. Last time I checked you need a paid account to create LJ RSS pages that people can follow, so someone else will have to do that if there's interest.

Later all, see you on the other side!
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One Can Hope...

I want an LJ addon that automatically blocks anything published by LoudTwitter from showing up on my Friends page. Seriously, I'm on Twitter, I don't want to see everything twice.

Preview #2

Edit: Just tweaked the colors. The version I posted a few minutes ago was much brighter and more colorful than what I really want for this. There will probably be more experimentation and tweaking as things go on, but I need to get back to writing for class.